Celeb Alert! Hardik Pandya Tattoo at Aliens Things you didn’t know about the Hardik Pandya Tattoo

India’s Fiery All-Rounder, Hardik Pandya got inked at India’s Best Tattoo Studio

Hardik Pandya Tattoo- How it all began

It 22nd July, 2019. Yes, 2019. Before we even knew what Covid-19 was. The sales team was making calls, marketing team was working on campaigns. Just a regular, calm day at Aliens Tattoo Studio until the Indian Cricket team’s heartthrob, Hardik Pandya parked his car outside the Aliens Tattoo Studio.

How did this happen?

A week before the day Hardik visited us, Ishan Kishan, the IPL hard-hitting batsman had visited us for a tattoo. It was a sleeve tattoo that took a couple of sessions to get done. While getting a full sleeve tattoo at our Malad Studio Ishan was chatting with Hardik Pandya on his phone. During the conversation, Hardik showed interest in getting tattooed himself. 

After browsing up on Google about us Aliens and checking our jaw-dropping tattoo art, Hardik Pandya promised to stop by for a consultation, and if things worked out, to also get the tattoo done!

After Ishan’s exit, the entire conversation was forgotten, schedules were tight, and we waited patiently for him to drop by. We got busy ourselves and went about our business until one day, we got a text message from the fiery all-rounder- Hardik Pandya. After exchanging pleasantries, Hardik fixed a date to come visit us!

Cricket is India’s first religion, and we’re not even exaggerating. Cricket brings us closer than any religion ever has. The Aliens family is no different. We worship the sport and we were ready to welcome the legend with utmost vigor.

On 22nd July, 2019, Hardik’s car stopped in front of our studio. After quick handshakes and some selfies, Hardik eased himself on the chair. However, the ease didn’t last too long. A few minutes after he entered the studio, assorted chants and vociferous calls echoed and seeped in with dramatic effect. They were the voices of Hardik fans. Hardik! Hardik!! They were so close to the studio that it made us worry about them barging inside the studio. There was no way we could handle the over-enthusiastic fans as their numbers kept increasing. Within an hour the number of fans rose to 200!

In order to disperse the crowd, we requested Hardik to appear before them and maybe take a few crowd selfies and group photos. It worked.

The Madness behind Iconic Hardik Pandya Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Tattoo at Aliens is a badass sleeve tattoo and it took us two days, long, patient sessions to finish the large and colored tattoo. Our guest celebrity showed signs of fatigue, and we knew that it was time to bid farewell.

Once again, the situation outside became disorderly. A new set of people enveloped Aliens Tattoo Studio. Hardik’s presence had somehow spread and now reached a point that made us wary. There were people everywhere, even on the walls and on the road. The situation appeared palpable.

Aliens Tattoo staff once again rushed outside, calmed the people down, and requested them that they move back and allow Hardik to leave. However, it had little impact. Hardik! Hardik!! And the chanting began once again.“I came here directly from school. My parents are worried about me and want to know my whereabouts,” said a young student.“We are waiting here since afternoon,” said another group of youngsters, jumping up to click photographs with their mobile phones. The words were profound declarations. Despite our best efforts, the fans showed no sign of pulling back. Inside the studio, our brains ran in overclock mode, thinking of ways to escort Hardik from the studio to his car. In the end we decided to offer our star customer and cricket’s most admired and adored personality, a mock Z security.

What a unique day!

Hardik Pandya Tattoo- The Art

You must be aware of the realistic lion tattoo that Hardik has posted on his Instagram. Our lead Alien Sunny Bhanushali, the owner and founder of Aliens Tattoo extended that tattoo with a hyper realistic royal eagle.

In the more than able hands of Sunny, Hardik was at ease. He asked for an extension of his bold lion tattoo, and we had many designs in mind that met his expectations. In the end, Sunny knew what would best suit a national treasure and started dipping his tattoo machine in the ink to create magic like he always does.

End result?

Sunny created this jaw-dropping hyper realistic eagle tattoo for Hardik, who in turn told Snny about meanings behind all tattoos on his body! Keep reading for the story behind Hardik Pandya tattoo meaning.

Hardik Pandya Tattoo meaning

Hardik got peace sign inked on his neck post the same controversy. That’s what he needed at the time and that’s what he reflected through his portrayal of body art. Clearly, he is a beiliever in expressing himself passionately. The same passion which drives him to give up anything and everything for his country. Hardik Pandya neck tattoo meaning is deep and related to the headspace that he needed to be in to focus on his career. And we all know how well he has performed ever since. An absolute hero. Maybe, we can go a bit further to say that Hardik Pandya neck tattoo meaning in Hindi is ‘Om Shaanti’! Hardik Pandya peace tattoo is very popular and trendy and many have opted to get one inked on their bodies after watching Hardik.

The story did not end there. After Hardik got inked at Aliens, his family members have been dropping by and getting tattooed including his wife Natasha, brother Krunal and his wife Pankhuri Pandya. Almost his entire family seems to be loving our art, our culture, and our hospitality! And we try our best to treat every customer of ours no less than a celebrity. Don’t take it from us! Our Google reviews say it all.

Hardik Panya neck tattoo

In 2019, Hardik has gotten into much degrading controversy after his appearance on the talk show Koffee with Karan. After the incident, he had to struggle to see millions of people including his fans drag his name down the mud constantly. It was a difficult time for him mentally since he felt very disappointed. He told Sunny that he related to the bald eagle from a mythical story wherein the eagle sheds his wings in his 40s to regrow new wings and go on healthily for another 30-40 years. Hardik Pandya tattoo hand looks as fierce and mighty as his spirit for the sport. Hardik put in a lot of hard work and disciplined efforts in his game and towards his body. Hardik Pandya tattoo artist- Sunny Bhanushali also mentioned about Hardik Pandya’s hand tattoo- the lion tattoo.

In late 2019 Hardik had suffered a major lower back injury which required a surgery for treatment followed by a heart wrenching four week bed rest. He was unable to exercise, let alone practice for his team matches for which he passionately and desperately wanted to play, as desperately as his loyal fans who wanted to see him play. 

He wanted to tattoo an animal on his arm that could resemble his spirit. King of the jungle fit the description and he went with his gut. Fearless, determined, and bold as he is, the lion totally complemented his personality. He also wanted to cover up a scrip tattoo which he had gotten earlier which as per him was personal and he would not tell anyone.

We have tried our best to answer a few FAQs by fans on Hardik Pandya

His different tattoos have different meanings, we described in brief what each of those tattoos mean above. To put it in a nutshell, his neck tattoo is for peace after the controversy, the lion and eagle tattoo to represent his personality and state of mind.

Hardik currently has a peace symbol tattoo on his neck, an Asiatic lion tattoo and a bald eagle tattoo on his arm. He does have plans for more! Only time will tell.

As mentioned above, Hardik has a peace symbol tattooed on his neck. It represents the state of mind that he aimed for at that junction of his life. Leading a celeb life and being in the limelight can take a toll on one’s external as well as internal peace. 

A little about us

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