Companion assistance is available from the brand new airport curb so you can/out of doors and you can ranging from doorways in order to connect aircraft

Companion assistance is available from the brand new airport curb so you can/out of doors and you can ranging from doorways in order to connect aircraft

More info can be acquired of our holiday accommodation regarding Consumers who are blind otherwise keeps reduced attention and People who possess intellectual disabilities.

We encourage the Customer becoming aided to help you direct the staff in how best to execute the new lift and transfer. A tiny wheelchair that will complement along the routes section are offered at most of the gate and additionally be put if the assistance is needed. For each and every gate is also equipped with a passenger Import Package (PTK), which has a slide board and a move sling.

In the event that a customer means a seat which have a moveable section armrest to better assists a hater lift and you will import, the location out of moveable section armrests can be found right here.

Preboarding can be acquired to own Customers who’ve a specific chair you need to accommodate the impairment and/or need assistance during the boarding new flights otherwise stowing an assistive product. Those People who want extra time to help you panel are certain to get good the fresh new boarding solution that have an extra time designation. The designation serves as notice to the Operations (boarding) Broker the Customer is going to be permitted to board just before Friends Boarding.

We are going to ensure it is you to definitely travelling companion to do something since the a keen “attendant” and you may preboard that have a consumer with an impairment in case your Customers requires the man or woman’s guidelines sometimes in order to board otherwise during the brand new aircraft. In most cases, the customer needs assistance from only 1 other individual, and you can any additional friends or members of the family is actually requested so you’re able to panel along with their tasked category.

Those Consumers who be eligible for preboarding will receive an alternate boarding ticket which have good preboarding designation

Customers should demand preboarding from your Customer care Agent at the pass stop or deviation door. The Representatives is trained to ask fact-looking questions to decide if your Buyers meets this new official certification demonstrated above. The new designation functions as notice to the Functions (boarding) Broker the Customers will likely be permitted to preboard.

Note: People that are preboarding due to an importance of a certain chair onboard the fresh aircraft is always to consult the fresh new Functions (boarding) Representative after protecting good boarding violation toward preboarding designation and you will ahead of the beginning of the preboarding to alert the Broker in order to the brand new seating you desire.

Since Southwestern Air companies does not designate chairs, preboarding is obtainable getting Customers who require a certain seat so you’re able to complement the impairment. Comprehend the Preboarding point over to possess information.

If a buyers having a handicap merely needs a little extra time for you to board, we’ll allow the Customers so you’re able to board in advance of Friends Boarding, involving the “A” and “B” communities

Users who require multiple chair to help you match an impairment (e.grams., a customers that has their/the lady case in the a thrown that expands for the place at the side of the customer) could possibly get proactively get an additional seat(s) in order to alert Southwest of their specific seats need. If you’re instructions getting scheduling the next seat on the internet is available towards our People out of Dimensions page, Customers to invest in one minute seat to suit an impairment is to use “DXS” as opposed to “XS” towards the Customers middle term. People can get e mail us to have a refund of your price of the other seat ordered to match the customer after take a trip. If a customers having a handicap possess concerns about the amount regarding space called for and won’t wish to get a supplementary seat, the customer is consult the customer Service Agent at the departure gate. Generally, a supplementary seat are only able to be bought having a customers having a disability if for example the Customer perform or even not be able to access the flights. Otherwise, because indexed within our Bargain of Carriage, the purchase of greater than you to definitely seat with the best mission of making certain a lot more private area was prohibited.

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