Vestiture composed of four erect setae for the disc, several on every interstriae step three

Vestiture composed of four erect setae for the disc, several on every interstriae step three

05-step one.08 (1.06) minutes longer than wider, largest on ft, corners converging a bit to prior next, as an alternative narrowly game in front; coarse, subcontiguous, transverse asperities for the anterior 1 / 2 of, first row building an unbroken costa alongside anterior margin; epidermis subreticulate, subshining, having moderately coarse, strong punctures into the posterior 1 / 2 of simply, separated because of the diameter regarding good puncture; vestiture consisting of six vertical, enough time setae, four along anterior margin and something for the each basal area.

Elytra 1.48-step 1.51 (step one.50) moments longer than wider, 1.46-1.47 (1.46) longer than pronotum; corners parallel into the basal three-fourths, broadly game at the rear of; striae perhaps not pleased, punctures alternatively deep, separated from the diameter from a great puncture; interstriae nearly two times as wide as the striae, shining, punctures several-3rd how big is strial punctures, uniseriate; interstriae 10 incredibly raised so you’re able to sternum six; declivity high, convex, strial and interstrial punctures somewhat smaller than toward disc, striae step 1 weakly pleased.

Scolytodes triangulus n

Protibiae with lateral teeth step one and you may dos subequally sized, most other lateral teeth far less. Metatibiae having four socketed horizontal teeth with the distal 3rd.

Symptomatic features: It is celebrated about closely relevant S. schwarzi (Hopkins) (select fig. 142 p. 496 inside Wood 1982) by larger size (step 1.8 mm vs 1.3-step 1.six mm), by the asperities are confined so you’re able to anterior half, by the feminine frons getting punctured on the content city. sp. (Figs 11, 25, 27) Holotype ladies: COSTA RICA, Heredia state: La Selva biol. sta., Puerto Viejo, fifty m, 5 February 1993 (H. An excellent. Hespenheide), FOT 5/sixteen Carapa guianensis [INBio]. Allotype: exact same analysis just like the holotype, FOT . Paratype: Costa Rica, Puntarenas: Osa Peninsula, 2.5 mi. SW Rincon, 7 February 1988 (H. Hespenheide), air sweep, step 1 _ [INBio].

Etymology: out-of Latin tri, three, and you can angulus, with a large part, talking about the brand new triangular shaped tuft away from setae regarding females frons.

Frons somewhat happy out of over higher quantity of vision so you can epistoma, horizontal margins of amazed area slightly raised, subparallel, slightly diverging with the higher level of sight; surface out-of amazed urban area heavily punctured in the average a couple-thirds, minute setae due to most punctures; vestiture consisting of a great triangular tuft out-of much time, golden, subplumose setae, generally developing at vertex, after that gradually converging towards the end from the number of antennal installation.

Antennal bar having a couple strongly, acuminately procurved sutures marked of the rows of hairlike setae, terminal section setose. Funiculus six segmented.

02-1.04 (step 1.03) moments longer than large, widest Little People dating service in the legs, edges weakly arcuate, converging a bit in order to anterior 4th, then broadly circular at the front; anterior third declivuous, asperities alternatively rough, finer asperities still basal third; epidermis reticulate, fantastically dull, several superficial punctures establish to your rear 50 % of but quick, glowing granules contained in average basal town; vestiture composed of five brief, erect setae together prior margin.

Elytra step one.step one9-1.23 (1.21) times more than wider, step 1.2step one-1.23 (step one.22) more than pronotum; sides parallel toward lower than basal a couple-thirds, as an alternative narrowly round behind; striae step 1 a little, anybody else perhaps not pleased, punctures superficial, small, spread by half a good diameter of a good puncture; interstriae two to three times wide than just striae, shining, punctures rare, two-third how big is strial punctures, separated of the almost twice their diameter, mostly uniseriate; interstriae ten incredibly raised nearly to help you apex; declivity sparingly steep, convex, the punctures rare. Vestiture consisting of sparse spatulate bristles toward weird-designated interstriae, primarily for the declivity.

Protibiae having a robust horizontal tooth 1 extending past enamel 2, other lateral teeth obscurely expressed. Intercoxal procedure of prosternum 0.30-0.40 minutes once the wider because the a great procoxa. Metatibiae that have half dozen socketed lateral teeth into the distal third.

Pronotum step 1

Description men: (n=1) like lady except frons convex, just some, transversely impressed merely significantly more than epistoma; frontal vestiture composed of simple, second, hairlike setae close to epistoma.

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