7 Tattoos Designs For Men: Every Man Must Check Out

Tattooing is an art and your body is a blank canvas. The best tattoo designs for men serve the purpose of allowing you to express your personality. As per a survey, women think men with tattoos are more resilient and healthy, so if you’ve been trying to woo your crush, our doors are open. For some reason, women said that tattoos give men a more masculine and dominant vibe. Check out these glorious tattoos crafted by our expert artists at Aliens Tattoo. Happy scrolling!

Minimalistic Tattoo Designs for Men

When it comes to tattoos, sometimes, bigger doesn’t mean better. Small tattoo designs can be easily hidden when needed, perfect for those who work in corporate offices adhering to strict rules (although the stigma in corporate offices regarding tattoos is decreasing, you can read about it here). These small tattoos also excel at not overshadowing your personality. Your tattoo design can be as custom and personal as you want it to be. Like this script design near the ankle is something personal to the client.

Another example is this pet tattoo of a client’s dog who had passed. The connection between a man and a dog is simply beautiful, isn’t it? He decided to etch the good doggo’s memories in this artistic manner.

It is personal, and at a place that can be easily hidden. Your next tattoo could also be something similar: unique and personal to you

Religious Tattoos

Religious tattoos are an extremely popular category of permanent tattoo designs for men. One can say that getting a religious tattoo is the most public display of religious piety. Be it any religion, innumerable successful men in history have attributed their success to sheer faith in the Almighty.

Caution! The details and contrast will make your mind melt. It is also true that men with religious tattoos are less likely to commit to negative habits and energies, thanks to the holy portraits of God that act as reminders that give direction and vision to successful men.

We want to know whether your jaw dropped after looking at this portrait by our founding Alien, Sunny Bhanushali. Majestic. The stories around the Hindu God of Destruction -Shiva and his Trident have been iconic enough to be depicted in foreign movies, series, and music. 

For the client, this tattoo served him the purpose of reminding him that the most powerful sense of justice and an infinite source of energy resides within him.

We aren’t known as pioneers of hyper-realistic tattoos in India for no reason! Any first-time observer of this stunning portrait will not be able to take their gaze off the micro-details in this tattoo. Shiva’s Aghori form with those surreal eyes and beard below the King of the mountains alongside Nagaraj (the Serpent King).  

This is exactly what we meant when we said that your body is a canvas that we use to create magic. Men with such sleeve tattoos don’t seem like they’re afraid of anything, simply bold and devoted.

Script Tattoos

There is no trend as happening as script tattoos. These unpretentious masterpieces are winners in their own realm. The best part about these types of tattoos is that they can convey any emotion you want within minimal area. They could be snappy and cutely romantic, or dedicated to parents, siblings, friends, God . 

They are a tasteful source of interest for body art enthusiasts all across the globe. Whether you choose a plain classy calligraphic script or a script with designs, the tattoo will surely catch gazes in the room you enter. Sanksrit Mantra tattoos have been around for a while. At Aliens Tattoo, many people often get the names of their loved ones inked in the most unique and beautiful fonts you must have ever seen. You can get as creative and innovative as you can be. These are some of the best simple tattoo designs for men.

The best part about script tattoos is that they can blend in with any design. All you need is a creative mind and an expert at executing those designs on your hand. We can help you with both 🙂

Our Alien artist Devendra Palav is practically a prodigy at script and line art forms of tattooing.

Many men believe in astrology which also prescribes chanting certain mantras to keep ourselves on the right track as we struggle through career, health, and personal relations. These mantras besides appearing attractive, serve the purpose of keeping you centered and focused on your goals and help you in becoming a good man. Many of our clients have confessed to feeling more positive and composed whenever they looked at their tattooed mantras.

Although this tattoo has been done on a woman, it has become recently trending among men to get tattooed on their ribs.

It is discrete, subtle, and personal for those wishing to keep things amongst the intimate few. The script could be any quote serving to remind oneself of  your core beliefs and attitude, or something dedicated to someone special. At Aliens, we provide an almost infinite range of fonts for you to pick for your tattoo.

Mega Portrait Tattoos

Full sleeve and full back tattoos offer you a chance to convey your story or to portray yourself as an enthusiast of something that you are truly passionate about.  through a plethora of themed designs. Whether you are a music lover, sport lover, art lover or even a die-hard fan of a celebrity or a sportsperson, what better way of showing your passion than to get a large tattoo?  Select from our wide range of tattoos for men ideas that complement your emotional persona. We can guarantee that our designs will offer the onlookers a sense of euphoria as they lay their eyes on art created by our multi-award winning tattoo artists.

If you’re googling tattoo designs for men arm or tattoo designs for men shoulder, look no further. Tattoos need to have some deep meaning behind them, right? Not really. If you look at a design and your heart skips a beat, you know it is the right one. Check out this hyper realistic and dramatic piece of art created by our Alien Anikesh. 

It is all about the journey, not the destination, say the wise. Large tattoos can be derived from quotes as well, or it could simply be a memory you wish to cherish forever. 

Sometimes, capturing some moments on our phone just isn’t enough. For example, your first trip with your partner, a memorable journey with your best friends, etc. 

Life is a long journey after all. Why not fill it with art and colours?

Many men also get tattoos as learnings or influences from various cultures. Chinese and Japanese cultures for example, have many great artists and scholars who inspire. 

Check out this girl with a hand fan that has a skill imprinted above the dragon with fangs. This is just an example of the extent to which you can let your imagination run wild.

Animal Tattoos

Men usually get animal tattoos to showcase the qualities attributed to those animals, for example, loyalty of dogs and poise of cats. Wild animals are frequently tattooed because of their sheer unfiltered authentic qualities. Some people relate with lions for ferocity and boldness while some relate with wolves for their leadership and care for the family or the pack. A huge number of people also like to get their pets inked onto themselves as a token of all the memories they’ve shared with them, especially when their precious pawed companions pass away. At Aliens, the most frequently tattooed animals are Dogs, Wolf, Elephant, Eagle, Lion, Owl, Tiger, etc.

If you have trouble deciding, you can get a blend od more than one just like this tattoo here. To let you in a little secret, not all tattoo artists can execute a perfect texture while creating animal tattoos since each animal’s fur is quite unique. That’s where we bring in our expertise to curate customized animal designs which match your personality as per your choices. 

Everyone has a spirit animal, it is the animal that represents and resonates with your behavior the most.

Or, you could choose an animal based on their quality. 

Check out this ferocious lion tattoo by one of our leading tattoo artists Allan Gois. Did we get the detials right or right?

You can also have fun blending or mixing two or more of these tattoo styles. This one created by one of our many award-winning artists Bhanu Pratap, is a blend of Hyper realistic portrait with geometrical design.

The contrast of blacks with whites gives this tattoo a glow like none other. Oh, and boys, girls do love animal loving Tarzans, it depicts compassion and closeness to the wild nature.

Yet another masterpiece with a blend of geometric designs with mind-boggling realistic eyes. Do not creep out if you feel like the eyes are real and following you around.

Geometric Tattoos

Geometric designs are basically an amalgam of geometric shapes, lines, and dots that create a complete piece of art. The sharpness, uniformity, and intricacy make these designs magnificent to glance and stare. Despite the limited design elements like lines, dots, and shapes, the number of jaw-dropping outputs is infinite. Here are a few tattoo designs for boys that you might adore.

Interesting how simple shapes and designs can create deep, meaningful designs. The three best friends chose to get inked together, but did not want anything to fancy.

Even if a single triangle is missing, the picture looks dull or incomplete. What better way of depicting the power of friendship and togetherness!

Mandalas have always been a part of ancient Indian art forms. The designs are always captivating and include symmetrical patterns over a slected area. Filled with dotwork, linework, shading, and texture, these designs are a no-brainer for those who are very skeptical of other designs. You can simply not regret getting a mandala design because it just never goes out of fashion and looks picturesque everytime you see it. Check out a couple of more geometric designs that might interest you.

Travel Tattoo Designs for Men

Trips with friends, loved ones, or even solo are all uniquely elating in their respective ways. For those of our wanderlust clients, we recommend these travel themed tattoos for men who love venturing out every few weeks or months.

Compass themed tattoos are the most requested designs at Aliens. You can add subtle text alongside to make it more meaningful to you or to onlookers. You can never go wrong with a compass tattoo, it is one of the timeless classics everyone can’t get enough of.

If you don’t feel like committing to a large tattoo, you can go for animated minimal travel tattoos as well. Check out this cute tattoo of a moon swing. Who said sky is the limit? Aliens definitely can go beyond that! Needless to say, the number of men wanting to get inked today has drastically increased as compared to a decade ago. We understand and relate to the struggles of deciding whether to get a tattoo  and what tattoo designs for men would suit you the most. We are here with our team of professional artists to guide you to decide the design, and the placement of the tattoo.

If you want to see more tattoo designs, head over to our website by clicking here.

Still confused? Don’t worry, we got you covered with a free expert tattoo consultation on visit at our Aliens Tattoo Studio. Our customers have only nice things to say about us! Check out our Google Reviews here.

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