Invasion Alert! Aliens Tattoo: The Best Tattoo Studio in Navi Mumbai

Just 60 days before India’s best tattoo studio opens its new branch in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. We’ve heard a lot about Navi Mumbai, its parks, greenery, ISKCON, ports, but most of all, the Navi Mumbai vibe. The largest planned city hosts a super-energetic, positive, and bold crowd, all of which drew us to you.

Bringing our jaw-dropping tattoo game to various parts of India and spreading quickly, here is 3 reasons why Aliens tattoo will simply be the best tattoo studio in Navi Mumbai.

Best Tattoo Artists in Navi Mumbai

Aliens Tattoo brand is known for its award-winning tattoo artists and their magical tattooing skills. Needless to say, we have a team of Best Tattoo Artists in Navi Mumbai to keep the trend going. It is our own branch, after all, no compromise whatsoever!

Only the Best Devices and Inks

As you go across towns, cities, and countries, you find consistency in the taste and quality of Mcdonald’s and Dominos. That will be the same for the Aliens and all our branches and franchises. If there is one thing that is pretty evident about the Aliens, it is that we take quality SERIOUSLY, seriously. We use only top-quality ink and needles; the only reason you should never compromise on cost while choosing tattoo studios is that you might risk getting a bad infection, trust me on this. An infected tattoo is the worst thing that could happen to you if you compromise on safety standards.

Studio Experience

Getting a tattoo is not (and should never be) a ‘let’s just get done with it’ experience. It is a memorable milestone for many and more often than not, people put in a LOT of thought behind their tattoo. Getting inked at the best tattoo studio in Navi Mumbai will guarantee you an experience of a lifetime. The studio easily passes the vibe-check and is booming with funky music to get enough adrenaline to flow through your veins for your tattoo (This helps, especially if it is your first tattoo!) The best tattoo artists in Mumbai are more than capable of converting that dream tattoo of yours into a tattoo you will cherish for years to come.

A little about us:

We are pretty excited to meet and know you, and for those who haven’t heard of us, we are one of India’s top tattoo studios who simply wish to spread joy around through our art. Tattooing is an art of self-expression, and we love to enable you to express yourself through this sacred art form at which we excel.

Sunny Bhanushali is our founding Alien who underwent years of training to master the art of tattooing. Yes, he is self-taught and has won several (we stopped counting at seven) awards at international and national tattoo conventions. He founded the first studio in Oshiwara in 2011. Fast-forward a decade from then, we have now invaded many Indian cities.

Our Vision and Mission

You must be thinking, how can anyone change lives through simply tattooing? The simple answer to that lies in the holistic experience that we love to provide to our clients. We are truly proud of obsessed with your journey of getting inked. Just like we said earlier, getting a tattoo is not just another tick mark on your to-do list. Most of our clients STILL remember the day they walked into our studio. Yes, we are known for creating that impact. Once you’ve stepped inside the studio, the only complaint that you might have is ‘too much hospitality’. 

We’ve had clients telling us how they came into the studio expecting something and leaving the studio as a changed person. 

Our trained and experienced staff is super polite and friendly, and in many cases, we have had clients who dropped by the studio on a weekly basis to just say hi! Could we be any friendlier?

Our Mission

We want to become the most preferred space for tattoo and body modification art for the entire human race by creating ultra-hygienic tattoo spaces across the globe that provide immersive tattoo experiences with the help of world-class tattoo artists through jaw-droppingly innovative designs and tattoos.

Why Navi Mumbai?

We usually operate in one city with one studio, but there is a reason we just had to come to Navi Mumbai. Why you ask? We have a HUGE client base who were traveling from Navi Mumbai to our Mumbai studio repeatedly, and we all know how annoying the to and fro can get in Mumbai.

The response from the Navi Mumbai audience is simply exquisite, it seems that we’re a great match for Navi Mumbai’s energy and vibe.

What sets us apart from other Tattoo Parlors:

We are one of the very few tattoo studios who have full-time designers working to create customized tattoo designs and continuously evolving with trends. We do not like printing a picture from the internet and pasting it on your body. You are one of a kind, so why should your tattoo be common? 

Having said that, you are more than free to pick any design from the internet, and you can count on our expert designers to use their magic iPads to create artistic and jaw-dropping variations of your chosen tattoo. We do use the word jaw-dropping awfully a lot, but this is what we mean:

The Alien in-charge

Sachin Thokal

When you visit us, our Alien in charge in Navi Mumbai will be Sachin Thokal. With over a decade of experience, Sachin will be running the Navi Mumbai studio. Hyper-realistic tattoos, mandalas, fine-line art, script tattoos, you name it, he’ll do it, perfectly. He’s as friendly and fun as a stranger can get. You know you’re in good hands when you talk to him. All that experience and his passion for the art will kill any doubts or reservations you have regarding your tattoo. Check out his tattoo portfolio by clicking here. Want to know more about Sachin? Check out the following video entailing his journey with tattoo art:

Here’s what Sachin’s clients have to say about his work and passion:

If you’ve read this far, you would probably be urging to see some more stunning tattoos and tattoo designs? Feel free to stalk and follow our Instagram profile- Aliens Tattoo Navi Mumbai here. Benefits of following the page include us blessing your feed with some hearty good tattoo art, updates on ongoing offers, getting to watch your favorite influencers get tattooed by us (we had Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya amongst many celebs visit us 😉 ), etc. And if you’re one of those who want to get inked but just can’t decide on the design, we’re sure our IG pages can help you with amazing designs you can easily draw inspiration from.

We are extremely excited to meet y’all and bring our very own spunk to your funky town. We promise you’ll love our vibe in the studio as much as we love yours 🙂

If you’re looking up (Googling) a ‘tattoo shop in Navi Mumbai near me’, then you know where to visit 😉 You need not want a tattoo and can still drop by the studio and say hi! We’re now your friendly neighborhood Aliens. See you soon?

Frequently Asked Questions

Tattoo prices in Vashi would be similar as tattoo prices in Mumbai. It  will depend on the size, design, and complexity of the tattoo. Feel free to contact us to get a free tattoo consultation.

No, at present we provide only permanent tattoo service in our studios

We do have amazingly talented female tattoo artists in our Mumbai studio, but we are working hard to get the best female tattoo artists in Navi Mumbai to join us.

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