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After Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Delhi, it is time for the Aliens to establish our base in Chennai. We’re located at Vadapalani and have already made a Bahubali impression on the Chennai Super Kings and Queens. We know quite a bit about Chennai, its temples, irresistible dosas, beaches, and of course, the addictive film industry. But do you know about the best tattoo shop in Chennai? We’re bringing our jaw-dropping tattoo game from Mumbai to various parts of India, and soon enough, to the world.

About the best tattoo shop in Chennai:

How the Aliens Tattoo was founded

It all started when our founder Alien Sunny Bhanushali began his tattooing journey. He taught himself the tattoo art and developed and perfected his technique to bag multiple award international tattoo conventions. He started with a small studio  in Mumbai and now, we’re spreading across the country! He now judges various tattoo conventions and competitions and teaches at India’s first ever tattoo school.

Tattoo Price in Chennai

Our pricing is almost constant throughout our branches and franchises. There is no tattoo price list as such since the price per tattoo depends on :

  • Complexity of the tattoo
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Experience of the artist

Best Tattoo Artists in India

Most, if not all Alien artists working with us are winners of several awards at national and international tattoo conventions. All of them are highly trained. In fact, any new artist that we recruit has already learnt tattooing directly under the guidance of the veteran Aliens.

Our Philosophy

What makes us the best tattoo shop in Tamil Nadu and what separates us from other Tattoo shops is our commitment towards the art.

We use only the best quality tattoo inks and needles and follow US health and hygiene standards which no other tattoo studio follows. Our aim is to enable you to self-express through this ancient, yet dazzling form of body art we call tattooing.

Studio Experience

Aliens Incharge

Rajesh Natekar

Rajesh had a very troubled childhood and it felt like nothing was working out for him.

Chetan Gowda

Chetan, a native of Bangalore, began tattooing with Aliens in 2018. He has become an artist of distinction.

Sudhanshu Mohite

Already at an early age, our youngest is an expert tattooist. Almost immediately, Sudhanshu's work at Aliens was astonishment-inducing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently located at Vadapalani, but if we get good enough response from this branch, we shall expand to add another branch in Tamil Nadu.

As mentioned in the article above, tattoo price varies depending on the complexity, size and design of the tattoo. We do offer EMIs on tattoos priced Rs. 15,000 and above.

No, at present we provide only permanent tattoo service in our studios.

We do have many female clients. Our staff is absolutely well-behaved and polite towards all genders 🙂 We do have an amazing line up of talented female tattoo artists with us, but they might not be available round the year.

Yes, we sanitize our studio regularly, and follow strict Covid-19 guidelines in our studio. Our artists wear masks and wash hands every hour. We also use fresh set of inks and needles and change the plastic wrapping around our workstations to maintain top-notch hygiene.

Currently, we are not offering lip tattoo services.

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